Super Cool Giveaways in Honor of the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook Pre-Release

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The day is almost here – September 4th is literally around the corner which means the official release of my latest book, Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook – Real Food for Real Life.

Why Real Food for Real Life? Because the kind of life I’m living IS a real one; a busy one, and one filled with as much joy, love, and time spent with my family as humanly possible. I wrote this book to help other families and individuals optimize their time and the contents of this book will allow folks to join me in living life a little more Everyday Paleo.

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Let’s All Celebrate with Book Reviews and Giveaways!

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*Giveaway is now closed!  I’ll be emailing and announcing winners tomorrow here on the blog and on Facebook!  Thank you all for entering!

Winner’s of the giveaway have all been emailed and notified: 
Lola won a copy of Everyday Paleo

Amanda won a copy of Make Shift Happen

Christine won a copy of Sweet Potato Power

Robin won a copy of Paleo Pals

Lisa won a copy of the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook

Jennifer won the E-Book from The Food Lovers

Nancy won the Practical Paleo book from Diane Sanfilippo

Kaitlen won the $300 Tropical Traditions gift certificate

Kevin won a copy of It Starts With Food!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to our winner! If you think you are one of the winners, check your email pronto!!

Very soon marks my two year Everyday Paleo facebook page anniversary and more exciting, just around the corner will be the 4 year mark of the birth of this blog!  Within that timeframe, I released my first book Everyday Paleo, followed by my children’s book Paleo Pals, and in September, my new book, The Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook will be out! It’s unbelievable really; it seems like just yesterday my last little boy Rowan was born and then four months later I stumbled into Robb’s gym and my life got flipped upside down, or maybe I should say – finally flipped right side up!!

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