Bologna Cooking School!!

Cooking with Gabriela.

As you know from my last post, my family and I are traveling through Italy and we are currently staying in beautiful Bologna! The land of pasta, Bolognese sauce, beautiful towers, architecture, outdoor markets; and of course, Big Carlo – owner and operator of the Bologna Cooking School.  On the morning of October 18th, I stepped off the train into Bologna Central Station and was swept into the crowds.  Being the tourist that I am, I followed the GPS walking directions on my phone.  I navigated the 4 blocks to Carlo’s home that doubles as a busy Bed & Breakfast and a successful cooking school.

The school caters to tourists curious to learn the culture and tradition from a Bolognese chef, as well as take advantage of the opportunity to drink his regional wine and roll out handmade pasta dough.  As I approached my destination, which was a looming apartment building, 13 “students” of the school stumbled and spilled out to the street speckled with flour, eyes gleaming with joy that the wine in Italy is always eager to bestow upon it’s consumers.  Feeling not so sure what I was getting myself into, I rang for Carlo.

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Paleo Has More To Offer

*Note from Sarah: Jason Seib is back with another great post! 

Whenever I speak to a new group of people, my first order of business is always to define “diet” and help everyone to understand that paleo is not a diet, or at least not just a diet.  I know you have heard the word “lifestyle” thrown around ad nauseum, and we are as guilty as anybody (Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness), but I think that word falls short, too.  Perspective or point of view come closer.  “Seriously, Jason?  Is this really a post about semantics?”  No, not really.  Bear with me.  This stuff might be keeping you from reaching your goals.

Paleo asks one simple question – what is the natural human diet?  Therefore, the answer to this question can be called The Paleo Diet, and following the Rules of The Paleo Diet will deliver us from the evils of poor nutrition and give each of us the body we want with nary a second thought, right?  Not always.  Avoiding grains, legumes, dairy, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, soy, and all processed foods while liberally partaking of meat and vegetables  (and a bit of fruit) will be a huge step in the right direction, but it probably won’t be the solitary key to your desire to look, feel, and/or perform better.  This is why paleo is much more effective when it is painted in broader strokes and the question it asks is reworded to something along these lines: can we identify all the ways in which our modern lives are at odds with what our bodies expect, and can we rectify those discrepancies?  In other words, use the paleo concept to help you form the right questions.

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Empowered or Enabled?

*Note from Sarah: Jason Seib is back with more inspiration!! 

Empowered or Enabled?

I want to preface this post by stating that what you are about to read is by no means a rant, or an attempt to pass judgement on anyone and that my true intention is to help!! The goal of what I am writing is to simply get you thinking about your perspective.

Having said that, I have a question for you:

Do you use the internet to find those who might empower you to succeed, or to congregate with those who might enable you to slip up?

It’s great that we can all find each other on Facebook, blogs, and forums.  It’s wonderful to have support and the rapid exchange of information.  And it’s always nice to know that we aren’t alone when it can sometimes seem like the rest of the world thinks we are crazy despite our results.  But I think there can be a downside to these things, too.

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Moroccan Burgers and Beet Salad

m burgers

Burgers. Yum. Or as Rowan (the 4 year old) put it. “Mom, these are the best burgers EVER!!” I am busy lady, and we rely a lot on easy meals and fast fixes so my freezer is stocked with tons of grass fed ground beef because, well, it’s much more manageable on crazy days to whip up something with ground beef – but to keep it interesting on ground beef nights – I turn to my well stocked spice cabinet!  Last night we came up with these awesome Moroccan Burgers and paired them with a Moroccan Inspired Beet Salad and topped the burgers with a Garlic Parsley Aioli. Sounds all fancy but it was pretty simple and pure deliciousness….

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How ’bout Those Recommendations?


*Note from Sarah:  Here’s Jason Seib with another compelling post.  Be sure to go find him on Facebook and listen in to our brand new podcast, Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness! 

How ’bout Those Recommendations?

Last weekend I was in Grants Pass, Oregon with Sarah for a seminar and I stumbled on some interesting information.  My wife, Sheryl, and I got into town a little early and decided to check the place out.  After eating a lot of meat for lunch as usual, she dragged me kicking and screaming into an antique shop.  After a while, I fought back my usual testosterone driven desire to make a break for it and I started rifling through the books scattered throughout the various nooks and crannies of the store.  When I had all but given up on finding anything of interest, I stumbled upon this little gem from 1941:

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One Pot Chicken Drumsticks and a Release Week Recap!


It’s pretty darn cool to cook right out of my own cookbooks and that’s just what we have been doing this week! I haven’t revisited the recipes in my new book for a few weeks, simply because after you write, photograph, test, and re-test recipes; it’s sometimes necessary – in order to keep ones sanity – to put it all to bed for a while . However, now that the book has been released, it all seems fresh and new again and our family is having a blast making and eating the food from our very own Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook!

Today I’m going to share a recipe from the new book that we made for dinner last night; but first I want to do a quick Release Week Recap, go over some highlights, and thank the awesome bloggers out there who took the time to review my new book!

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Release Day Giveaways!!!

epfc cover


The day has arrived, the official release date of the Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook!!!  Thank you thank you thank you all so much for supporting, commenting, pre-ordering, encouraging, and being a part of all the buildup to this event!  I can’t WAIT to hear what you all think of the book!  I know there have been oodles of changes here on the blog and now a book release and  I promise that soon things will be back to normal, ok who am I kidding, nothing is EVER normal around here at the Fragoso house, but I’m happy to continue to bring you all along with me on this wild and crazy ride!

With that being said, in order to celebrate the official release day, let’s do some giveaways!

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