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Salmon - Everyday Paleo

Alaskan Salmon - Everyday Paleo

There’s nothing quite like fresh wild caught Alaska salmon; but how the heck is a California girl supposed to get her hands on such a find? Fortunately, we are lucky enough to know an amazing family who lives right here in Chico who happen to run a small Alaskan based fishing company.  This father and sons team seasonally travel to Alaska to catch salmon and have it sent back to Chico, CA.  The process in which they catch, process, and freeze the fish is amazing and produces the freshest tasting salmon I have EVER eaten.

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School Lunch and a Trader Joe’s Find

I have had a couple requests for more school lunch ideas.  I posted one on my Facebook page a few weeks ago, which I have also added to this post, along with another picture of a common school lunch for my boys.

I also had a blog reader email me about a pre-seasoned salmon that he found at Trader Joe’s.  I usually steer away from the pre-packaged or pre-seasoned food but this one is GREAT! [Read more…]

Grill It Up – Salmon Two Ways….

I’m so grateful for the warm weather that has finally arrived here in Chico, CA.  We sat outside last night to eat our awesome salmon dinner and maybe it was my glass of wine that did it, but I was in a happy yet contemplative mood.  While all the craziness in this world often lingers on the periphery of our day to day lives, it’s important to sit back and realize that when it boils right down to it –  life can’t get much better then grilled salmon, red wine, crazy kids, and good health!   My wish to all of you on this memorial day is just that – a day of good food, friends, family and health.  Most importantly – a heartfelt thank you, quiet remembrance, and humble admiration to those who protect our freedom and to those who gave their lives for us so that we may have the ability to enjoy the simple things…. 

Here’s a couple of grilled salmon recipes that are incredibly good.  We served the salmon with vegetable kabobs that were seasoned just with olive oil and black pepper.  We also grilled up some fat burgers – just because… There was a little bit of left over salmon that we ate with our eggs this morning – which was also scrumptious. 

Spice It Up Salmon

2 wild caught salmon fillets

2 pinches of sea salt

ground black pepper to taste

1 tbsp fresh thyme

1/4 tsp ginger

2 pinches of cayenne pepper

2 pinches of cumin

olive oil – enough to make a paste

Heat your grill – we set our gas grill on medium.  In a small bowl crush the garlic cloves, add the remaining spices, and add enough olive oil to make a paste – a couple tablespoons typically.  Place the salmon fillets skin down on a large sheet of tin foil.  Fold the sides up on the tin foil to make a tin foil “tray.” Rub the spice mixture on top of the salmon fillets and place the tin foil tray on the bottom rack of your grill.  Cover the salmon loosely with more tin foil and close your grill.  This is where you have to be careful because all grills cook differently, and all salmon fillets are different.  We cooked ours for about ten minutes and the salmon was warm all the way through but still a bit pink in the middle, super moist and flaky, just perfect… 

Garlic Dill Salmon

2 salmon fillets

5 cloves garlic

Olive oil – enough to coat the salmon

dried dill, and ground black pepper to taste

the juice from 1 lemon

Coat the salmon fillets with olive oil and rub the tops of the fillets with the crushed garlic.  Sprinkle on plenty of dried dill and black pepper, and squeeze on the juice from one lemon. Follow the same cooking directions for the Spice It Up Salmon – using the tin foil tray method.

For the vegetable kabobs, we cut the veggies pretty thick and we grilled them for about 15 minutes, turning often.


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Salmon Cakes with Homemade Ginger Mayo

After I made these yesterday I sent my husband a text message telling him that I just made the best salmon cakes ever.  He replied back, “ever??” And my reply was, “EVER!!”

Now that you have a glimpse into how truly boring my life is and how excited I get about the little things like really great salmon cakes, I will happily share the recipe with you.

Salmon Cakes

3 6 oz cans of wild caught Alaskan Salmon

3 omega 3 enriched eggs

4 diced green onions

1 tbsp dried dill

1/2 tsp ground ginger

a few shakes of red pepper flakes

about 1 tsp fresh ground pepper

a pinch of sea salt

about 1/4 cup coconut oil

3 tbsps of fresh squeezed lemon juice

Shredded green and purple cabbage

Drain the water from the canned salmon and dump into a large mixing bowl.  Add the eggs, green onions, dill, ginger, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and salt and mix well.  In a large skillet heat the coconut oil over medium to medium high heat – make sure there is more than enough to cover the bottom of the pan.  You’ll know the oil is hot enough when it crackles after flicking some water into the pan – but do not get the oil so hot that is smokes.  Form the salmon mixture one at a time into patties or “cakes” and place gently into the oil.  Fry for 3 minutes on each side.  IMPORTANT – do not mess with the patties once they are in the pan.  Let them go for the full 3 minutes before you touch them or flip them or they will stick or fall apart.  Serve the patties over a bed of the shredded green and purple cabbage with a lemon wedge and the ginger mayo.

Ginger Mayo

2 omega 3 enriched eggs

2 tbsps apple cider vinegar

1 tsp yellow mustard

1 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp white pepper

1/4 tsp cayenne pepper

1 tsp ground ginger

2 cups light tasting olive oil

In a blender or food processor place all ingrediants except for the oil.  Cover and blend on low while you count to 5.  Continue to blend while you slowly, VERY SLOWLY add the olive oil.  Once all the oil is in continue to blend while you again count to 5.  Shut the blender or processor down at this point, and ta-da: home made ginger mayo for your best salmon cakes ever!!


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