Alldrin & Sons Alaska Salmon

Salmon - Everyday Paleo

There’s nothing quite like fresh wild caught Alaska salmon; but how the heck is a California girl supposed to get her hands on such a find? Fortunately, we are lucky enough to know an amazing family who lives right here in Chico who happen to run a small Alaskan based fishing company.  This father and […]

School Lunch and a Trader Joe’s Find

I have had a couple requests for more school lunch ideas.  I posted one on my Facebook page a few weeks ago, which I have also added to this post, along with another picture of a common school lunch for my boys. I also had a blog reader email me about a pre-seasoned salmon that […]

Grill It Up – Salmon Two Ways….

I’m so grateful for the warm weather that has finally arrived here in Chico, CA.  We sat outside last night to eat our awesome salmon dinner and maybe it was my glass of wine that did it, but I was in a happy yet contemplative mood.  While all the craziness in this world often lingers on the periphery of our […]

Salmon Cakes with Homemade Ginger Mayo

After I made these yesterday I sent my husband a text message telling him that I just made the best salmon cakes ever.  He replied back, “ever??” And my reply was, “EVER!!” Now that you have a glimpse into how truly boring my life is and how excited I get about the little things like really […]