Fresh Salsa – and Everyday Paleo is Going on Vacation!!


If any of ya’ll have noticed that I have been a bit skimpy on my posts this week, well it’s because I’m already in vacation mode.  The family and I will be heading off tomorrow to Mexico for a much needed week of rest and relaxation!!

So, in the spirit of traveling to Mexico, here is a recipe for fresh salsa, which my sister-in-law Dixie gets all the credit for.  Soon after meeting my husband, this is one of the first things I begged Dixie to show me how to make, it’s really simple, and oh so great on everything (especially eggs and avocados in the morning)….

I will try to post once or twice while we are away with pics of what we find to eat on our trip – but if not (or if I drink to much tequila and forget…), I”ll be back next week with more recipes to share! [Read more…]