Introducing TX Bar Organics Grass Fed Beef and a Giveaway!!


I happen to receive about 10 million emails a day and I really do try to get through all of them but honestly it would be impossible for me to reply personally to each one, otherwise emailing people would be all that I do.  However, from time to time, people are persistent or the timing is right and I read an email that grabs me, yanks me in, and doesn’t let me go.  That was the case with a recent email sent to me by Travis Martinez, owner of TX Bar Organics.

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News, My Kid vs. the Food Pyramid, Easy Steak Skewers and Avocado Dressing

First off – some exciting news – I am writing a book which is scheduled to be released hopefully in February!!  The book will of course include recipes as well as advice for paleo beginners and diehards alike.  Look forward to information on how to get started, how to stay on track, how to shop, how to change not only your eating habits but your outlook – and much much more!!  I’m sure I’ll be asking my faithful readers for input such as opinion on cover design and ideas for further content.  More details to come so stay tuned! [Read more…]

Steak, Sauce and other stuff…

Sometimes when life won’t settle down, it’s important to etch out time for things that nurture us.  For me, my sanctuary is time spent with my husband, and as much as I love my kids and the hours spent caring for them, I equally love alone time with John – and I need it to stay sane! [Read more…]

Italian Rib Eye with Sun Dried Tomato Topping

This  recipe sounds much more complicated than it actually is and I  must say it’s pretty darn scrumptious… 

Italian Rib Eye

4 big rib eye steaks

1 1/2 cups olive oil

the juice from 1 meyer lemon

1 tbsp basil

1 tbsp oregano

ground black pepper to taste

sea salt to taste

Mix all marinade ingredients together in a large mixing bowl.  Add steaks and mix together with your hands to make sure all the steaks are well coated.  Leave in the fridge for at least 45 minutes but the best would be for a day.  Broil or grill for 7-10 minutes per side depending on thickness for a nice medium rare steak.  For rare cook for 4-6 minutes each side. 

Sun Dried Tomato Topping

In a food processor throw in 1 jar of sun dried tomatoes and 1/2 a jar of garlic stuffed green olives.  Pulse until roughly chopped and serve on top of steaks. 

My husband being a MEAT guy liked the steaks better without the topping but I LOVED the topping and so did my boys.  My 2 year old, as you can see from the pics, was eating the topping with a spoon!! 

I served the steak with baked winter squash and steamed collard greens.  Enjoy!

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