The Evolution of a Healthy Perspective

Cheri Before

*Note from Sarah: Check out the latest and incredibly inspirational post from our very own Jason Seib and make sure you check out his soon to be released AMAZING book, The Paleo Coach now available for pre-order on Amazon!

I recently gave you what I believe to be The Secret to success, and today I want to show you what that looks like in real life! You will find a wealth of information based on this concept in The Paleo Coach, but more proof, stories, and testimonials roll in all the time, so I will keep sharing the information I receive with you until I can win you all over; if I haven’t already.  Now, please enjoy this awesome testimonial demonstrating a healthy perspective.

Meet Cheri.

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Time for Testimonies! Share Your Inspiring Stories.


Whew, we did it! We made it through another wonderful Christmas, surrounded by family, friends and of course, delicious food!  We sincerely hope you all had a laughter-filled, relaxing holiday!

Here at Everyday Paleo and Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness, our whole team receives so much joy from the countless positive testimonies people share with us, about how Paleo has transformed their lives.  We figured this is the perfect time of year to make those testimonies public!  We know there is power in people sharing positive stories with each other.  So please… as you reflect on how Paleo has helped you this year, load up our comments below by sharing your story. [Read more…]

An Old Friend…. ME

*Note from Sarah: Lisa is back with another great blog post!  To catch up on Lisa’s journey, click here.

An Old friend….ME

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting an old friend…..ME

The me I was a long time ago, the me I had actually forgotten.

I guess in some ways after becoming a wife and mother I lost me. Actually I think I forgot about me; there was just never any time, between changing diapers, making meals, and alleviating home pressures so my husband had more time and energy to focus on his job. I simply got lost. My stuff just did not matter anymore. Everyone else came first, and by day’s end, I was too tired to care.

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Erika Knows No Bounds


*Note from Sarah: Jason Seib is back with an incredible story about one of his clients, Erika, and the power of living a paleo lifestyle.  (Not to be confused with Everyday Paleo college student contributor by the same name!!)  

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Erika Knows No Bounds

Sometimes we make excuses for why we don’t have the results we want.  If you are someone who makes more excuses than progress, you might want to stop reading this right now.  There’s a good chance that the obstacles you face are about to seem really trivial.  Especially if you erected all of them in your own path.

Erika has been a member of my gym for a little over a year and she is a monster.  See for yourself.  Here are some of her numbers.

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4 Years of Living – Paleo

Fragoso Family

Fragoso Family

In late February of 2012 was my four year anniversary of living Paleo.  For the first year, I was very focused.  I would wake up in the morning and think about how my day would look, how I would manage breakfast, lunch, AND dinner, and how I would tackle any adversity, problems, or temptations that came my way.  BUT, I was determined.  You can see my before and after pictures here and read a bit more about my journey but in a nutshell, I wanted so badly to feel good that I was willing to push through what was one of the more challenging and yet rewarding years of my life.

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Ten Changes Living Paleo

*Note from Sarah: Here’s a fun blog from Lisa!  To catch up on Lisa’s journey, click here. Enjoy!

Ten Changes Living Paleo

     PAST                                                                                                       PRESENT

Cried (a lot)                                                                                      Laugh so hard I cry (a lot)

Foods with a 13yr expiration date                                                    Foods that expire!!!

Bloated                                                                                              Hip bones!!

Chocolate cravings                                                                            Lettuce cravings

Arm chair athlete                                                                                Outdoor enthusiast

Ate till I burst                                                                                       Bursting with joy

Exhausted                                                                                           Energized

Muscle and joint pain                                                                          Gumby

Food Intolerances                                                                               Food fanatic

Paleo skeptic                                                                                      PALEO ROCKS!!!


What are your top 10 (5 or even 1) changes you have had following Paleo?

Until next time, much peace and happiness




Yes, It’s Worth It!


Another post by Jason Seib.  Visit Jason here at or at his Facebook page!

Yes, It’s Worth It!

Here’s another success story to remind you that what your doing is worthwhile.  When you see the transformation below, many of you will think, “Wow!  I wish I had results like that.”  Stop wishing.  There is no magic here.  This is just another story of someone who wanted these results more than she was willing to suffer the alternatives.

Meet Angela.

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