The Evolution of a Healthy Perspective

Cheri Before

*Note from Sarah: Check out the latest and incredibly inspirational post from our very own Jason Seib and make sure you check out his soon to be released AMAZING book, The Paleo Coach now available for pre-order on Amazon!

I recently gave you what I believe to be The Secret to success, and today I want to show you what that looks like in real life! You will find a wealth of information based on this concept in The Paleo Coach, but more proof, stories, and testimonials roll in all the time, so I will keep sharing the information I receive with you until I can win you all over; if I haven’t already.  Now, please enjoy this awesome testimonial demonstrating a healthy perspective.

Meet Cheri.

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The Secret


Note from Sarah: Please enjoy the latest post by Jason Seib and be sure to check out his soon to be released AMAZING book – The Paleo Coach, now available for pre-order here on Amazon!

In my line of work – as a gym owner – I have been asked at  least a thousand times for the “secret” to creating a great body.  In truth, there is not necessarily a “secret” formula; but after reading this post, we might all agree that we are coming closer to figuring out the answer.

If you follow my posts and/or listen to our podcast, you know that a common theme in my work is that sustainable fat loss happens only through improvements in health, and that purely aesthetic goals can make success very difficult.  Today I would like to give you a little more insight into the minds of the people who make full body overhauls look easy.  Once again it’s all about perspective.  These people aren’t genetically superior to the rest of us.  They simply have more powerful motivators than most.  Their goals are supercharged by passion instead of inhibited by desperation or halted by self destructive behavior.  These things are choices, not character traits, and there is no reason why anyone should be exempt from changing their perspective to something more healthy and productive.  Allow me to explain.

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Yes, It’s Worth It!


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Yes, It’s Worth It!

Here’s another success story to remind you that what your doing is worthwhile.  When you see the transformation below, many of you will think, “Wow!  I wish I had results like that.”  Stop wishing.  There is no magic here.  This is just another story of someone who wanted these results more than she was willing to suffer the alternatives.

Meet Angela.

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Ginger Shrimp Salad and Curried Hash

If you haven’t noticed, I LOVE to cook  – but sometimes I get stuck in the same old chicken salad rut because it’s easy, and I know we all like it.  But today I needed an excuse to be in the kitchen, rather then venturing out into the 105 degree weather so the boys and I  got a bit creative in the kitchen and the results were blog worthy!! [Read more…]