Why I Love Steve’s Paleo Goods

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One awesome thing about eating paleo is avoiding the nasty pre-packaged processed foods; however, convenience is important for our busy family!  Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I’m not a huge product endorser but when I love something I want to tell the world.  Well, guess what.  I LOVE Steve’s Paleo Goods and this blog post is going to tell you why.  Yes, Steve’s Paleo Goods does offer packaged food but these foods include grass fed beef jerky, sauces and marinades without vegetable oils or unreadable ingredients, and tasty treats made with nuts, coconut, seeds, and a touch of honey.  In my not so humble opinion, these qualities are about as legit as you can get when it comes to food that has a label.  Steve’s Paleo Goods is one of the few sources of packaged paleo foods that I trust and that our family uses often and I’m happy to share the 5 big reasons why I love Steve’s Paleo Goods:

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