Where’s Your Focus?

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My Focus!!

Sometimes I find myself losing a little bit of focus.  I’m not talking about staying on track with food in this post; but staying on track with what really matters… I sometimes forget that the end could very well be just the end; and it’s what’s in the middle that counts. Every now and then I forget that if I don’t cuddle enough, love enough, talk or laugh or sing out loud enough that I might not have another chance to do those things that really bring me joy; or most importantly, do those things that really bring my children joy.

You never know when it might be your turn to get off the bus, and I don’t want my turn to come around without having every possible moment “count.”

My favorite memories as a child are those that include laughing with my family.  Really laughing.  Belly laughing. Seeing the joy filled faces of my loved ones sharing a moment of sheer happiness. My other favorite memories include the ones that involve that feeling of being completely loved by my parents.  That special song my mom used to sing to me; the one I try to sing to my kids but I can’t because the tears just flow and because I can still feel my mom’s love. Or,  that time when I was sad and my dad stopped everything, scooped me up on his lap and he let me help him steer the riding lawn mower while we rode around for hours in the warm sunshine, laughing and driving in circles. Those moments are my focus that bring me back to reality when I’m having even my hardest of days.

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