Paleo Talk Episode 29


How-Dee! Last week everyone and their mother went crazy for Episode 28 and having the “PLAY NOW” button right smack dab on the home page sent our system resources all crazy. (I doubt that you want me to talk about tcpsndbuf failures) This week the podcast is still served via RSS, iTunes and Stitcher and is available by download but I removed the streamplayer to do some observation. Real-time experimentation goin on ’round here!

Ok, everybody: “AWWWWWWW”

Rylee is back and more talkative than ever! She managed to get settled about halfway through.

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Paleo Talk Episode 28

Baby Rylee

Welcome folks! We had a special guest in the room with us for Paleo Talk 28.

Baby Rylee

Baby Rylee : To poo or not to poo?

A fair amount of babble and baby gab take up the first segment. If idle chit-chat and babies annoy you, the real “meat” gets underway about the 8:30 mark.

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Paleo Talk Episode 27



Oh boy. Just got off Highway 101 after being behind two complete nitwits on CA20 for the past 2 hours. Why does one need to brake going UPHILL? Yeah, I dunno either. Anyway, this was edited in four separate locations and posted from a Days Inn motel in Ukiah, CA.

It may sound a bit “off” and wandering at times but point is, we’re back. I wanted to get something up and out more than I wanted to make a shining sphere of glory. Thanks for the continued support!

Paleo Talk is Back and Introducing a BRAND NEW Podcast!

The Paleo Talk Podcast is back in business!  Dain, Chrissy, and I recorded Episode 27 on Tuesday night and Dain will have it edited and up for your listening pleasure any day now.  Click here to submit your questions for future episodes.

In other podcast news, Jason Seib and I have started a BRAND NEW podcast over at Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and FitnessClick here to listen to our very first episode and you can also find the new podcast, Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness, for easy download on iTunes. To submit questions to the Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness podcast, simply email!

Paleo Talk Episode 25


Grass-Fed Beef

Howdy all. Paleo Talk episode 25 is our first full-length since being “back”

Inside Episode 25

The group of idiots chats about whats been going on, projects, Chrissy’s baby broccoli and Dain’s new wardrobe. Then we get into

    • Very active daughter. Swimmer. How best to keep this rapid grower fueled and hydrated?
    • Got any book suggestions that I can give to friends / associates that best explain what this lifestyle is and why we do it?
    • Paleo friendly chocolate and water consumption?
    • Natural mosquito repellant
    • Since I don’t follow a conventional diet, I am wondering if conventional pregnancy wisdom is still appropriate? Talk of your experiences please!
    • Wondering if you would know anything about leaning out for figure competition.