Paleo Talk Episode 5

Chrissy and Sarah

Posted a day early (Sunday Feb 6th) instead of Monday because we talk about that giant football game and, gee, wouldn’t it be silly to talk about stuff that already happened?

Featured in this podcast episode

  • New mom fitness ideas
  • I’ve hit a plateau!
  • Beans?
  • Constantly hungry – snacks?
  • Paleo babies/Infant reaction to ‘regular’ foods
  • Supplements for you/kids?

Paleo Talk Episode 5

During the episode we talk about fish oil, below is the device we speak of.
Whole9 Robb Wolf Fish Oil Calculator

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2011 Super Bowl Eats


Before we get to the food, here’s a bit of fun trivia about this years super bowl!  Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers is a Chico, CA native.  Yup, born and raised right here in my home town.  Pretty cool considering how freaking hard it is to get in the NFL!  So yes, we will be cheering on the Packers in hopes to see a hometown super star bring back the win.

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Paleo Talk Episode 4

Here we go with episode 4 of the Paleo Talk podcast!

Featured topics in this episode:

1. Neal’s testimonial / Childhood Autism
2. Fats – Grassfed vs Grainfed meats – what’s the deal?
3. Italian household battles the sweet tooth
4. Pregnancy nutrition
5. Coffee? How do you take it?
6. Protein snacks for family outings
7. Paleo baby – night awakenings – what to feed?

Discussed sites in episode:

Intro music by:
Studio Apartment, A.K.
“Beautiful Sunrise”
from “The Rising Sun”

Chicken again, coleslaw a million ways, and after school snacks

I love finding easy already prepared sauces that are paleo perfect!  I purchased some Curry Simmer Sauce from Trader Joe’s and the ingredients are spot on!!  The directions call for adding 1 cup of water per jar.  I used two jars and instead of water I added an entire can of coconut milk, some cilantro, and some garlic powder.  I mixed it all right in the crock pot, added some chicken thighs, and a sliced and peeled butternut squash.  This took me about 10 minutes to prepare.  Cooked all day on low and was down right tasty!

On to the coleslaw.  I eat a lot of coleslaw about a million different ways.  Pictured is green cabbage, diced turkey deli meat, a few scoops of sun dried tomatoes, a diced apple, and a handful of sliced almonds.  The dressing was a small spoonful of mayo, walnut oil, and a splash of balsamic vinegar.

Also pictured is a typical after school snack for my boys (ham slices, cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, pecans, pickles & artichoke hearts).  The dip is mayonaise and curry powder.  They followed that up with a few strawberries.

It is truly unbelievable how much food my family consumes….

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