The Giant Women Experiment

deb's before 1

Many of you will remember Deb from some of my previous posts (here, and most famously here).  Of all the examples I have given you, she is by far the most popular because of her age (now 53) and the extremely regressed condition she came to me in (see the linked posts for details).  Well, along with being a great client and friend, Deb is valuable to me for another reason: she trusts me enough to participate in my wacky experiments.

If you follow my work here on Everyday Paleo, you know that I am quite passionate about persuading women to lift weights, regardless of their goal.  I have attacked this topic from a couple of different angles (here and here), but I still hear from women on a regular basis who are worried about lifting weights because they think it will make them look like men.  So, I felt that we needed to hit this one head on.  Despite the fact that we have never seen anything close to too much mass on any woman who has ever trained in my gym, and no woman has ever told me their muscles were getting too big and they feel they should stop lifting, I decided I was going to try to purposely pack as much muscle mass as possible on a few ladies, IF I could find willing subjects.  See where the trust part comes in?

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