Ten Changes Living Paleo

*Note from Sarah: Here’s a fun blog from Lisa!  To catch up on Lisa’s journey, click here. Enjoy!

Ten Changes Living Paleo

     PAST                                                                                                       PRESENT

Cried (a lot)                                                                                      Laugh so hard I cry (a lot)

Foods with a 13yr expiration date                                                    Foods that expire!!!

Bloated                                                                                              Hip bones!!

Chocolate cravings                                                                            Lettuce cravings

Arm chair athlete                                                                                Outdoor enthusiast

Ate till I burst                                                                                       Bursting with joy

Exhausted                                                                                           Energized

Muscle and joint pain                                                                          Gumby

Food Intolerances                                                                               Food fanatic

Paleo skeptic                                                                                      PALEO ROCKS!!!


What are your top 10 (5 or even 1) changes you have had following Paleo?

Until next time, much peace and happiness





  1. says

    We are moving house next weekend, so as I’m going through the cupboards and pantry, just realizing all the things we don’t need anymore!

    It’s so wonderful to throw out (slash giveaway, because I also care about landfill!) the four muffin trays, the shelves full of flour, sugar and pasta, the baking tins- just living simply and having more space.

      • kevin says

        I pulled pork egg muffins.. muffin tin, melt coconut oil dab a paper towel in and coat ammount of tins..take precooked shreded pork shoulder and make a base and walls. 1/4 to 1/2 inch depends on tin size leave room for egg in the middle owen at 350 just check on it. It will fill with liquid so dab it out with a paper towel put back in, when edges start to get brown, crack the egg in. Put back in oven till whites are cooked. The yolk I like to leave mostly uncooked it adds a great flavor to oze. All over the meal when you.cut in. Maybe 30-40 mins for 6. Which is3 days of breakfast.

    • riddlewellness says

      OMG do not get rid of you baking supplies! I just made paleo bread and breakfast egg muffins yesterday and they were fantastic. Oh and Everyday Paleo’s lasagna was fantastic!!

  2. says

    More energy.
    Positive outlook, even in February and March. (no SAD)
    Trusting that my size 4 pants will continue to fit.
    Sharing the paleo way with people doing CrossFit with my son, my trainer.

      • says

        You also know you are doing something right when you have bloodwork done, and when it comes back the doctor says your cholesterol is “rediculous – in a good way!” Then she started asking me what I was doing!

  3. says

    Before: Kids with attention issues Now: Kids that listen -most of the time:)
    Before: Chips and Popcorn Now: Fruit and Smoothies
    Before: Naps after work Now: Full night’s sleep
    Before: Allergies: Now: Breathing
    Before: Processed Food Now: Fresh Food
    Before: Soda Now: Water & Tea

    Thanks Sarah for this post! Good everyday reminders for our family on why we should keep on this plan!

  4. says

    I’m getting healthy and in shape! Joined crossfit in January and I have been eating Paleo since September. I’m in the best shape of my life right now and improving more every day. Thanks for all your help!

    4 Years ago I was 217 lbs in the obese BMI category with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My doctor told me that I had to change or I was in big trouble so the first thing I did was give up soda/pop and I started counting calories and running. That worked, but I was getting into these yo-yo cycles. Today I have a normal BMI and I’m finding it really easy to stick with the Paleo diet. I don’t have sugar and carb cravings any more and I’m trimming down and gaining strength and flexibility!

  5. Paula B says

    Here are a few:
    No more acid reflux
    Stronger fingernails and no hangnails
    Dry, itchy, flaky skin MUCH improved
    No more cracked heels
    Blood sugar normal
    Less plaque and tartar buildup on teeth between cleanings
    No allergy meds needed
    No more sinus headaches

  6. Lisa says

    Love all the new spices I have tried to liven up my food. Love that my stomach isn’t bloated and nauseated all the time. Love that my little girl loves shopping at Trader Joes (I think it’s because of the little shopping carts for her). Love that my friends are envious of both my work lunches and how my body is changing! Best of all, LOVE that my deployed husband (who is a die-hard Paleo eater) can see a difference, even if it is only on Skype!

  7. Jenna Carodiskey-Wiebe says

    I was already fit and eating whole foods when I went Paleo…the huge difference for me was my osteoarthritis DISAPPEARED. Major!

  8. Laura says

    I don’t eat a strict Paleo diet, but with the changes I have made… I am not bloated, and I am no longer hungry all the time. I feel even-keel, more tolerating and patient with my kids. My skin is much more supple. I just feel satisfied. I also find meal-planning and grocery shopping to be so stream-lined now.

  9. Mac says

    I’m new to this Paleo deal but this past week has been great. I’m still getting lost in the vegetable isle. I still eat a ton of peanut butter but will try to cut it down and an occasional cookie (gotta support the girl scouts).

    Quick question: Should the common phrase be changed to “it’s the worst thing since slice bread!”

    Think about it

  10. says

    OMG I am a COMPLETELY different person than who I was about 10 years ago! Seriously. I remember I would NOT eat anything green and I wouldn’t eat my spaghetti even if there was a sprig of parsley on it! You can imagine all the TANTRUMS I had when I went out to eat with my family. Oh and I remember when my mother cooked my siblings and I SALMON for dinner and I RAN AWAY FROM HOME! bah ha ha ha! Seriously? How ridiculous am I? Now, I will NOT TOUCH anything that has touched spaghetti… lol, and I eat salmon EVERY night! LOL!

  11. misha says

    Hipbones! A couple weeks ago it happened…I was laying down on my side and put my hand on my hip and there was this hard thing under the skin!

    • says

      Great job! It is pretty amazing how quickly some of the stubborn weight can come off. We’ve all been taught that ab and hip weight is the last to go, but I started seeing it go away withing a couple of weeks of starting paleo.

  12. riddlewellness says

    Past: A baby belly that would not budge no matter how many marathons I ran.
    Present: A flat stomach with some definition returning!

    Woo hoo!!!

    • Lisa says

      That is so great. I realized I could no longer call it my baby belly when someone asked me oh well how old is your baby…..and my youngest was 10!!!!! lol

  13. Annie says

    Love this thread.
    Since going paleo I feel better than ever, getting into great shape, have so much energy I don’t know where to put it (regardless of 2 fulltime jobs plus exercise) and haven’t used my inhaler a single time. I love, love, love paleo!

  14. says

    Migraines ……. no migraines
    joint pain ……… no joint pain
    bloating …….. no bloating
    stomach acid problem ……….. nonexistent
    bad asthma …….. very little asthma
    My wife whistles when I get out of bed!

  15. says

    Late-night problems:
    -3 a.m. 100 BPM heart-rate, restless legs, uncontrollable desire to storm the pantry looking for something sweet: All gone.
    Thanks for sharing this, Lisa. Sarah, thanks for posting it :)

  16. Christina says

    Since starting Crossfit in January and changing up our nutrition, I’m consistently losing weight at a healthy rate (about 1-2 lbs per week), I have no more acid reflux, and the athelete’s foot that I’ve been battling since high school (I’m 35 now) seems to have gone away! I’m not strict Paleo–still have the dairy, but I switched all the way to raw whole milk. Also cut WAY back on grains and sugar. And, I am always reading labels on food. If I don’t know what an ingredient is, I don’t buy it. I just feel so much better knowing that I’m not putting all those preservatives in my system!

  17. Charissa says

    I am 5 weeks grain free along with my daughter who has autism… However, my husband is not on board which makes it really difficult for me to go all the way with my 3 year old….Any suggestions on how to make a stubborn spouse more pliable???

    As for changes, I feel amazing, my daughters melt downs have lessened, and I just know this is the right thing for us. I aspire to make small changes everyday!

    • Lisa says

      You are right not having your spouse on board can make it harder, but I think the changes in you and your daughter will become too big for him to ignore, and in time (his time) he will come around, and you can have fun teaching him all about paleo.
      You feel amazing and your daughter is improving hang on to that for right now. Hugs Lisa

  18. Allison@thecrazyfat says

    This is great, I’m actually starting Paleo tomorrow!! I’m so nervous about how many foods it cuts out, but I’m gunning for some serious results…


    • Lisa says

      Allison, no, think of all the new great foods you will be adding in!!! Enjoy it 😉 we are totally hear for you

  19. Jennie says

    Charissa, My husband and I made a deal. He can eat whatever he packs for himself to eat at work. Most of his breakfasts are before the kids wake up, so he eats what he wants then, too. However, when we eat as a family, we eat Paleo (at the beginning, I did the cooking to make it easier for him) It’s very important that he is supportive in front of the kids, since we also started Paleo diet for a child’s health issue. It took a little while and his secret complaining to me that he hated just having meat, fat and veggies, then one day he chose the restaurant specifically because he liked their steak and salad!!! Since then he has been completely on board (he still takes whatever he wants for lunches, but they are mostly Paleo these days) Another bonus was that he saw that we spent much less time at the doctor’s office and NO ER visits or hospitalization due to illness when compared to the previous sickly year. Good Luck, It is worth it!!!

  20. Louise says

    My changes:
    Regular cravings for cookies, muffins, treats, wine…..few cravings
    Chronic yeast infections…….virtually no yeast infections
    Smelly poo…….not smelly!
    Frequent gas…….almost no gas
    Brittle/soft fingernails….strong and beautiful fingernails
    Eczema on elbows…..no eczema
    Controlling caloric intake…..eat as much as I want
    BUT – Regular menstrual cycle …….unpredictable menstrual cycle

  21. Sonja says

    Umm…I don’t know for sure if it’s the diet change but it seems it may be (due to timing etc.) But my hair used to fall out like no other. Like in the shower it would come out in gobfulls now nothing. Coincidence? I don’t know.

  22. says

    Before Paleo: Blood sugar crashes
    After Paleo: No more crashes and no more turning into evil woman!
    Before Paleo: Indigestion
    After Paleo: No disturbing gastrointestinal issues

    The only problem I have now after eating Paleo for 11 months and dropping a size (from 4 to 2) is all my pants, undies, shorts are literally falling off of me. A good problem!!

  23. Christine says

    I just have to say that every single one of you is a huge inspiration!! Thank you so much for sharing your successes!

  24. Jen says

    You left out a ton! 😉 Well, I’m pretty new to paleo(since 04/01/13) and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s seriously changed my life and I love that I get to eat all the foods I love and not feel guilty about it! Never in my life did I think I could up my calories so drastically and lose 20 lbs in 2 months. What started out as me wanting to get ready for bikini season turned into a nutrition obsession and along came paleo.

    Anywho, here’s my list(an I’ll just leave out the ones you already got to:

    -weight loss
    -no early afternoon drag
    -clearer/hydrated skin
    -elevated workout enjoyment/ease
    -less hair loss
    -social anxiety gone without medication!
    -depression gone without medication!
    -hassle free grocery shopping
    -improved memory
    -less stress

    Hmmm…. can’t think of any more at the moment. Oh yeah! One more!!! I got my husband on board(it was always a struggle to get him to go along with my other diets) and HE LOVES IT!!!

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