Thai Book Video Fun! WE FINALLY HAVE THE BOOK!!!!

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Check out the video introduction of my brand new soon to be released book on June 17th, Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine and next, read below our explanation of the wild ride we had to go on to finally get a copy in our hands!!!

We just got home last night from our Everyday Paleo Italy Adventure (post on that coming soon but let me quickly say THANK YOU to The Trip Tribe and to Moreno Moretti of Le Marche Holiday and to all the attendees for one of the BEST few days of my entire life) and now my jet-lagged brain is trying to figure out where to put my focus – Italy, Thailand, my laundry, grocery shopping, sleeping – I don’t know what to do first and my head is not yet screwed on straight and there’s 10 million things to catch up on but first I want to share with you EVERYDAY PALEO THAI CUISINE!!!

We had such a wild adventure while in Italy trying to track down a copy of the Thai book that was so kindly shipped overseas to me by my awesome publisher so that I could see a copy before the pre-release copies were sent out to everyone else. We were staying in such remote and funky places, like a sailboat in the sea near an unknown tiny port town and a little house on the hills outside of the Cinque Terra and because of  that the book failed to find us after two delivery attempts and we had to go find IT! With limited Italian language capability, limited phone capability and internet connection, it truly turned into a wild goose chase around Italy to find the darn book. It was extremely fitting that once we reached Le Marche for the Everyday Paleo Italy Adventure and met up with my dear friend Moreno that Moreno was able to come to the rescue, find the book, pick it up, and hand deliver it to me.

Thank you Moreno, my dear friend, you are such a bright spot in our lives and from your help almost two years ago with the creation of Everyday Paleo Around the World Italian Cuisine book to organizing the recent Everyday Paleo Italy Adventure and most importantly teaching our family to chill out more and stress way less, you have been such a fun, unique, and awesome person to know.

So, back to Thai Food!! (I know, it’s confusing – Italy, Thailand, what the heck??) Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine is not just a cookbook – heck no, have I ever written just a “cookbook”? Absolutely not – this book kicks some serious Thai food booty. We traveled all over Thailand last year to research this book and I brought all of our knowledge home and turned it into Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine. You’ll find out all about the awesome ingredients used in Thai cooking to make it, well, truly authentic Thai. I tell you what to substitute with in case you can’t find the right authentic ingredients locally. I tell you where to order the authentic ingredients from if you want to dive in and do the real deal, I offer you over 80 recipes of truly legit, authentic, amazing Thai dishes, and finally I offer you our travelogue, introducing you to the beauty and culture that is Thailand with travel tips, the story of our travels, and other useful info if you ever make the big trip to Southeast Asia. Some of the recipes in the book you will have heard of and others are only typical to the streets and small restaurants of Thailand that you can now make right in your own home.

Here’s some of the cool stuff you will find in Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine that you simply can’t find the same way elsewhere:

How to make your own:

Tamarind Paste

Oyster Sauce – (this is a big deal – you simply can’t find a pre-made oyster sauce with all paleo ingredients and I tested, re-made, and re-tested until we got this one spot on!)

7 different homemade curry pastes

Thai Chili Paste

Sweet Chili Sauce (also impossible to find with legit ingredients)

Spring Rolls

Crispy Fried Pork Belly Stir Fry

Snow Mushroom Salad

Son-in-Law Eggs

Khoa Soi – a coveted, delicious, truly authentic and unbelievable Northern Style Curry that is typically made with egg noodles but we paleo-fied the authentic original to taste just the same if not better….

Deep-Fried Fish with Chu Chee Curry Sauce

And typical favorites like

Sweet and Sour Stir Fry that won’t send you into a sugar rush tail spin

Sweet Basil Leaf Stir Fry

Cashew Nut Stir Fry

Tom Ka Gai – the best you will ever taste or I’ll come to your house and do your dishes

Boiled Rice Soup

Duck Curry that’s will blow your mind it’s so good

Pumpkin Custard

Deep Fried Bananas AND SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that you mouth is watering (mine is too and since I’m writing this at 7am there’s a good chance I’ll be making Thai food for breakfast) be sure to head over to this post and get in on the giveaway action as well! 

I can’t wait to hear what you think about the book, pre-order here on Amazon and thank you as always for your amazing support and I can’t wait to hear what you think about Everyday Paleo Thai Cuisine!


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