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In December 2011 we launched Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness.  Almost three months later this new venture has been well worth the extra work and effort put into making this program available for all of you.  We could not be more thrilled with the outcome of this amazing program and our hopes for producing a high quality online fitness and nutrition program are now a reality.

Here’s what a few EPLifeFit members have to say about their experiences so far.  These are actual members who are active in the community and can be found sharing and learning on the EPLifeFit forums most days.  Come see for yourself!

Just What I was Looking For

After burning out on running and becoming frustrated with belly fat that wouldn’t leave, I was looking for something that would help. I knew that past efforts with kettlebell training had shown me more results than running marathons. I started researching different types of gyms in my area when my online friend, Deb, told me to just wait, that something great was going to happen. GREAT is an understatement!!! Jason and Sarah have gone so far past anything I could ever have imagined. The forums are so helpful and encouraging with wonderful people and personal help from Jason, Sarah, John and Kris; the videos are just AWESOME! I am a visual learner and I LOVE that I can watch and rewatch them to make sure I’m being safe with my workouts; and I love how the workouts are clear, manageable for any fitness level, and fun!! THANK YOU for coming into my life and replacing a love (distance running) that I thought would be irreplaceable. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my health, my body, and for this website’s success. – Penny

I’m Not a Hamster Anymore…

I’ve always eaten organic, exercised somewhat but still physically active, yet still mildly overweight. The doctor said I was as healthy as a horse! Yet after lunch I could barely stay awake. My energy levels were so poor and I could never get my weight down no matter how many calories I counted.

While pregnant with twins as big as horses (8.8 and 7.12 when born), my weight managed to balloon to 305 lbs! I’m 6ft, but this was still huge for me. After the first two years of sleepless nights, I finally woke up and began to work on my health. My naturopathic Dr. suggested going Paleo. After many weeks of research I decided to go hard core and gave it a try. My starting weight when first beginning the Paleo diet was 240 lbs. I lost 80 almost effortlessly in one year! A diet where I’m never starving, always sated, tons of energy, don’t have to count calories, and still losing weight? Heck yeah!!! I’m so thrilled about Paleo that I can’t stop shouting it from the mountain tops (much to the annoyance of my friends)!!!
While looking for Paleo advice, I came across Sarah Fragoso’s site “Everyday Paleo.” I loved the articles and recipes and most especially the fitness advice from Sarah and Jason. I realized through what they were teaching that being stuck on the machines and doing typical cardio was getting me nowhere fast. I was excited to hear this! I was BORED out of my mind and not progressing as I hoped. Watching the videos of Deb and her amazing accomplishments made me see how much more I could be doing!!! I bombed Jason with questions and per his advice, attempted to work with a trainer on switching to free weights.

When I asked this trainer about doing a pull up and that being one of my many goals, she gave me a quizzical look and told me I “may never do one” because I’m so tall. Grrrrrr!!! I was so frustrated. When I tried to get advice on lifting heavy, she was quite hesitant. So much for a personal trainer who doesn’t have the same vision as Jason and Sarah!!!

Annoyed and angry, I asked Jason for more advice. He gave some hints that something was on it’s way to solve these problems…. And EPLifeFit was totally the solution!!! Not only do you get some kick butt work outs designed by these two amazing people, you get their advice, encouragement, and top notch coaching. In the month I’ve been using this site, I’ve totally changed the way I look at my fitness goals and am literally excited (and sometimes scared) to see what they are going to come up with! I’ve pushed past many boundaries; from going into the man cave, to using my knees after so many issues with them being wrecked from my former jogging routing. EPLifeFit is my new best work out friend!!! – Sandy

Best Thing Since Sliced Prime Rib

This place is great. I started my weight loss journey back in July at 427lbs after a life long fight with obesity. I started eating paleo and have lost 103lbs so far! Now its not the weight loss that is awesome, Its the way I feel!! Since then I have been wanting to start getting fit. I heard about this site and glanced it over. I decided to give it a shot and WOW!!! I am a very introverted person who would normally never workout in a gym and certainly not in front of people, but now its not a problem and the feeling you get here is that people really care about you. They give you tons of support. Sarah, Jason, John, Kris, and the great community are all there for you. I am grateful for this help in a great lifestyle change. – James

EPLifeFit Rocks!

I Cannot express enough how unbelievable EP Lifestyle and Fitness is. I never imagined when I signed up that I would be SO supported by not only other members but by Jason and Sarah as well. Every question I have has been answered. I’ve tried many different programs and nothing compares to this. Every workout is laid out for me as if I was in the gym with the trainers. The time that has been put into making a video of every possible move is unfathomable. I’m so grateful to be able to be a part of this site!! Thank you Sarah, Jason, John, and Kris for all you do. You’re incredible! – Katie

The Missing Piece

After reading most of the books & blogs out there about Paleo, I found the eating part pretty clear-cut. Cut out grains, sugar, dairy & legumes and feel great. I knew, after all that reading, that what I ate determined roughly 80% of my health, so I felt like I was doing pretty good. But I still felt like there was something missing. I knew I needed to be moving my body, working out somehow but I wasn’t sure what that should look like. I tried a few different things but didn’t feel confident. I craved more guidance, more personal attention and I even thought about trying to find a personal trainer to help me figure out what I should be doing. I had been reading Sarah’s Everyday Paleo blog and loved what she had to say, but then when Jason started posting about ditching the scale and lifting heavy, it all seemed to click and I knew I needed to do those things. But how to even start? I was a runner before and the heaviest weight I’d picked up was probably only 8#, so I was seriously stumped on even where to begin. But then came EPLifeFit and I was thrilled to find it was my missing piece! The workouts are clear and structured in a way for even the novice, like me. The ability to upload my movements to be evaluated is like having my own personal trainer. The interactions on the forum is great, too. I love knowing I can get help and encouragement from this community of like-minded folks working towards similar goals. I am so grateful for how EPLifeFit is helping me become more healthy, strong and confident! – Kendra


  1. Dana Post says

    I agree wholeheartedly and LOVE all these testimonies! EPLifeFit is more than what I need! Just when I think…”what about this?” or “Yeah, but I cant do that…” I Find It on a page on EPLifeFit. There are people at every range of fitness and nutrition in this community, so the conversations on the forum and the daily tips from the trainers keep me Pressing Onward! Thank you so much for this amazing health resource!

  2. Liberty Byrd says

    EPLifeFit is awesome!! I wanted to join a Crossfit gym but the closest one is 30 miles away, not to mention the cost!!! I have been reading Sarah’s blog for a couple of weeks and one day noticed the link for EPLifeFit and decided to check it out. How cool is it that they have made a way for people to train properly at home! I joined a couple of days ago and am completely impressed by the info. and videos provided, the support of the Sarah and Jason, personally, not to mention the whole community. Everyone has been so welcoming and willing to help however they can. AWESOME!!

  3. says

    Paleo is the ANSWER! It has drastically improved my health, my system, and made the extra workouts bring serious results. It’s amazing how many carbs we consume, and how much gluten we shove into our bodies. Thanks for the great article! I hope this Paleo thing catches on.


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