The Primal Chef Cooking Show – Episode 2!!

*Note from Sarah: This summer I was asked by Gil Butler to be a part of his Primal Chef  cooking show, and I’m so glad that I said yes!  Although I had no idea what to expect, and quite honestly walked into the whole event a little bit skeptical, I ended up having an amazing time!  I got to cook in an awesome kitchen, I met some incredibly cool people, and most of all, I was completely impressed by Gil’s professionalism, kindness, and vision.  Below are some words from Gil with details about what his project is all about, as well as the FREE video of Episode 2 of the Primal Chef !!

Hey everyone! Gil Butler here from Primal Chef. Have you ever noticed that every cooking show features ingredients you would never use? You deserve better. That’s why I created a competitive cooking show with only Paleo ingredients in the kitchen.

Episode 1 of Primal Chef was made with virtually no budget while I was attending college full time. Once Robb Wolf accepted a spot in that episode, I knew I was onto something good. That episode generated enough interest to provide a very limited budget to make three new episodes last spring….this time featuring Sarah Fragoso!

It is now my dream to produce broadcast quality episodes we can put on TV to show the world how delicious Paleo food can be. When we succeed, you’ll no longer have to explain Paleo to every person you meet, because they will already know! To get there though, I need your help.

Interested? Here’s how you can help in just two simple steps:

1.       “Like” us at The bigger our fan count is, the more sponsors we will be able to attract. This means more new episodes will be made! When we reach 10,000 fans there will be an exciting giveaway!

2.       On our fan page, add Primal Chef as an “Interest” and to “Page Favorites” so you see our posts and updates.

That’s it! Be sure to tell your friends and family to check out our fan page and newest episode for free on YouTube below. Two more episodes are coming soon!

In the Seattle area? Join our Meetup group at We are known to throw big banquets, potlucks, and even run Paleo cooking classes. Don’t miss out!

Thanks so much!

PS: I’m still in college….too bad there isn’t a Paleo TV class being offered, would be an easy A!


  1. Katie says

    I love this! I wish there were a real paleo TV channel– instead of disgusting McDonald’s commercials, paleo food! 😀

  2. Lisa@ Autoimmune, Paleo and YOU says

    This was awesome!! Your plate look fabulous without a doubt!! Yum what time is dinner? 😉

  3. Davinna Artibey says

    What a creative concept Gil came up with! Sarah, it was impressive to watch all of your culinary skills in action, and fun to see your playfulness. Your plates were beautiful and looked delicious.

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