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Whew, we did it! We made it through another wonderful Christmas, surrounded by family, friends and of course, delicious food!  We sincerely hope you all had a laughter-filled, relaxing holiday!

Here at Everyday Paleo and Everyday Paleo Lifestyle and Fitness, our whole team receives so much joy from the countless positive testimonies people share with us, about how Paleo has transformed their lives.  We figured this is the perfect time of year to make those testimonies public!  We know there is power in people sharing positive stories with each other.  So please… as you reflect on how Paleo has helped you this year, load up our comments below by sharing your story.


Perhaps Paleo living has enabled you to physically perform daily tasks that you never thought you could.  Maybe you are lifting weights for the first time and feeling like you have a stronger body now.  Or maybe you are one of the many who has been able to say goodbye to prescription drugs because real food has healed you.

Below is a small sampling of the inspiring people and stories that remind us that Paleo isn’t only possible, it is essential to achieving a life that is thriving and not just surviving:

Heather V. shares:  “Since switching to a Paleo diet I have experienced a few things. First of all, the pain I pretty much always had in my joints and back (I assumed it was all because of my weight) seems to have been relieved. It was almost as if someone had gone in cleaned out the rust and oiled up the joints. I feel great. I also noticed that my sinues have cleared up, I no longer feel foggy in the afternoon, and my overall mood has changed. 

I don’t feel like I’m dieting and I don’t feel deprived, in fact I feel that this way of eating has helped me end the constant cycle of compulsive binging and crash dieting that I’ve put myself through most of my adult life. This lifestyle is the way to go for me.”

Brandi M. shares: “I’m an avid weekend warrior when it comes to sports and I love to push around the heavy weights in the gym. Put that together with a crazy work schedule and the typical SAD (standarad American diet) and I was ALWAYS running on empty.  Once I started following a paleo diet, I found my strength and sports performance went way up.  I began sleeping through the night and even lost 30 lbs. in just a few months.”

Ashlen C. shares:  “I’ve lost 90 lbs. since having my second son in February 2012, for one reason and one reason only… Paleo! I’m stuffing my face with food and not doing hardcore workouts, just chasing my toddler!  I’m not at the mercy of mood swings anymore. At one point I was relying on meds to keep myself from literally freaking out.  I used to have severe anxiety and panic attacks. I am no longer on those medications. Now I have more energy, clear skin, mental clarity… I am a different person! “

Candi E. shares: “Thank you for the seminar you held in Kirkland yesterday.  I recently made some changes in my life, and one of those was to change my diet towards Paleo.  I have lost almost 30 pounds in the last 8 weeks.  The weight is just a side benefit to the improvements in how I feel and that I sleep better than I have in 20 years! I still have a long way to go to be as healthy and strong as I am working to be but I will get there!  Anyway, your seminar really reaffirmed why I had to make the changes in my life.  Thank you both for your inspiration and motivation!”

Read the stories, let them fill you with hope and inspiration… But don’t stop there.  For more guidance on goal-setting and new year’s resolutions, please read this epic article by our very own Jason Seib.

Our Everyday Paleo team is counting on you to share your story and help us blindside all the negative out there!  Let’s revel in each other’s victories and move forward with hope and joy, not fear and dread, as we head into 2013!


  1. says

    Paleo is a fantastic way of life. I have PCOS and suffer with weight problems and cycle regularity among other things, and since switching to Paleo I have lost weight, and gotten a firm handle on my PCOS symptoms! It is amazing! I am now trying the Whole30 to see how much more I can control my PCOS and maybe come off my medication:) As a 21year old student, trying to stick to a paleo lifestyle can be tough…temptation is everywhere. This is my goal for 2013; understand that it is my life and I control it. I have got a blog that I write on about PCOS and Paleo to help me do this!

    • Dana says

      Congratulations, Jennifer! How thrilling that your symptoms are diminishing, that is so inspiring! You Do control your health and happiness, absolutely! Thanks for sharing!

  2. says

    I lost 70+ pounds in 2011 with a commercial weight loss program. I’ve never been able to maintain my weight loss ( two other times at a normal weight). I’ve been trying to get to a normal weight for 40 years. I’m 46 years old!

    I read about Paleo eating in a book called ” Refuse to Regain ” by Barbara Berkeley, MD. She recommended a Paleo/primal approach. I attended your Laguna Nigel workshop with Jason Seib in Feb 2012. I was hooked. Many of your cookbooks and podcasts later and I have all the tools I need to apply so that I can maintain my weight weight loss.

    Not only weight maintenance- I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, the strongest I’ve ever been physically and mentally. I’m more productive at work, have never slept better in my life and my weight stays stable. I’m rarely ever sick. I’ll thrive and live my best life for the next 46 years.

    Best of all, I can be the best mom to my daughter. Who will model my healthy eating habits and strength training after me. A good cycle to be in and the best gift to myself and to her , too.

    Thank you Sarah and Jason!!! You rock.

    • Dana says

      Oh Karen, as a 43 year old also-maintaining-and-thriving Paleo mom, your story touches my heart big time! GOOD FOR YOU! All the best in 2013 and beyond!

  3. Mindy says

    Paleo has helped me realize for the first time ever what restful sleep feels like. Ever since I was a kid I’ve struggled with falling asleep and and therefore have dreaded mornings. For the past several years I had to rely on prescription meds to sleep. I no longer take prescription meds and I usually wake up before my alarm clock goes off!

  4. Carmen says

    I am about to start Paleo eating on a strict level. I have not been very committed. I suffer from some sort of autoimmune response, it started Nov 2009 right after the H1N1 Vaccine. I want to give this a serious chance, since I am tired of feeling crappy. I appreciate the recipes and knowledge that some of these sites have. So I just wanted to say thanks!

  5. Cathy says

    I dabbled in Paleo for 6 months before I realized that I was almost 40, 26% body fat and not changing! I went 100% Paleo and started lifting heavy weights 8wks ago. In those 8wks, I’ve lost 4% body fat, 2inches on my waist and hips each, started squatting 125lbs, deadlifting 115lbs and chest pressing 75lbs. I have more energy now that I’m Paleo! No bloated tummy, no feeling fat, none of the typical “grainy ” feelings!!!! My personl trainer is beyond words at my results!! I am a mom of 2 young boys and they can barely keep up with me now!! I’m Paleo, a runner, and a lifter and so proud of it!!

    Your podcast has been a HUGE part of my journey and I thank you guys for everything you do in the Paleo community! You need to come to Minneaplois now!

  6. Kelly says

    I don’t even know where to begin. To say switching to Paleo has changed mine and my husband’s lives is an understatement. Before, my husband was 6’1 and 207, diagnosed with fibromyalgia, taking heartburn and fibromyalgia medication every day, sluggish, and feeling sick routinely every month. I was 5’3 and 185, having just given birth to our beautiful baby boy, exhausted, and getting migraines weekley for which I had to take medicine to be able to function. We went to a chiropractor in the hopes of getting rid of our constant headaches and he told my husband he was convinced all his symptoms were diet related and that we should try Paleo for 30 days. I agreed to do it with him to support him since his old diet consisted entirely of non-Paleo foods. We cleaned out our fridge, cupboard, and freezer and dove in. That was May 6th.

    My husband is now 170, with no more joint pain and no heartburn and having not needed to take medication for either one since May. I am now 139, almost never have migraines, and just bought a size 6 jeans yesterday for the first time in my life. We are both full of energy, sleep better, and have less mood swings. We are also raising our son, who is now 15 months, Paleo. He is a healthy, happy, strong boy who eats everything we eat and likes everything we give him. I mean, what kid likes brussel sprouts and curry chicken and vegetables??

    Between regular exercise and Paleo our lives have changed in ways I can not even measure. It has given us our lives and our health and a wonderful foundation for this beautiful little boy we are raising. I know we can show him how to be healthy because we are doing it ourselves. Our family is Paleo strong and proud of it!

    • Dana says

      This is SUPER inspiring, Kelly! How great that you and your husband are united, feeling the benefits, and truly thriving! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Julie McGrath says

    Oh my goodness! I love this way of life! I decided no way was I turning 50 in 2013 fat and feeling awful. I work nights as an RN and thought that it was just because of my goofy schedule switching back and forth from day living to night working. Was I wrong! After just 2 days of eating the Paleo way I felt like I use to feel when I was younger Energy and just feeling plain good! I have lost 60 lbs in 6 months and have about 15 more to go. You guys gave me back my life! I feel good, look better every day, and I actually enjoy shopping again because clothes look good not just, “Well, I guess this will do.”

    People cannot believe I’m not starving myself or exercising to excess. This has been a wonderful experience! I even got my sweetheart to try it and he has lost 35 lbs too! I tell people this is a way of life and only use the word diet to explain the food regimen. This is something I can live with and let’s face it, if you can’t stick with it then it won’t work and the results won’t last! Thanks sooo much!

  8. Lisa@ Autoimmune, Paleo and YOU says

    It rocks, I was finally able to put my Hashimoto and Raynaud’s into remission…Rid my Celiac symptoms and finally have the energy to enjoy life that I have not had in over 6 years!!

  9. Kay says

    Hi from Down Under,
    Ihave bought Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf and now Sarah’s two books. I will start my Paleo journey on Friday.
    Weight gain ++ but not a big eater. I have had my gall bladder removed 2007, Thyroid removed 2008(Hashmito’s) have arthritic problems eczma and a host of others. I have tried every diet in the book with very little change mostly calorie controlled but always felt bloated etc. I stumbled across Paleo whilst looking for a solution and the more I read the more convincing the whole thing seemed. All these years suffering in silence thinking it was just the way it was meant to be. Looking forward to the new me,
    Cheers from Kay.

  10. Laura says

    I was living a “healthy” lifestyle I thought — I was a distance runner, lifting weights 2-3 times a week, eating “heatlhy whole grains”, dairy, vegetables, fruits, some meat, beans, etc., and not eating junk like chips, cookies, etc. Yet I noticed that after turning 41 pudginess around the middle and flabbiness were creeping in regardless of my “healthy” lifestyle. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Plus, I was always gassy, bloated, subject to the afternoon slump, and I always had food cravings. I was a self-avowed carb-a-holic. I heard about the paleo diet first from my gym’s website, and I thought it was ridiculous. Then one of my friends started listing to Robb Wolf podcasts, and we would discuss the topics. She bought Robb Wolf’s book, I bought Mark Sisson’s, and we read both. I decided that a lot of things made sense, so I jumped into the lifestyle with both feet in March, 2012, and I haven’t looked back — and I never will! The next book I bought was Sarah’s first book Everyday Paleo so that I would have yummy foods to introduce to my family.
    I am not an example of someone who needed to lose lots of weight, control diabetes, deal with autoimmune issues, etc. — I am someone who made a conscious decision to improve health which, by most people’s estimation, was much better than average before I began my paleo journey. But what I have gained since making the switch is no more GI distress, no more afternoon slump, no more food cravings, much more muscle mass and improvement with lifting, and I can still participate in my endurance running with no problem!
    And bottom line, I feel 10 years younger! I recommend this lifestyle to everyone — who wouldn’t want to feel 10 years younger?

  11. K.P. says

    I first heard of “grain-free” eating at the end 2011, from a friend. I thought it was some crazy new fad diet, but she was not the kind to fall for something like that, so I was greatly perplexed. As a former RN with some knowledge of nutrition (or so I thought), “Whole grains” were supposed to be good for us, right? What about carbs for energy? She encouraged me to read the book “Wheat Belly” and left it at that. A few months later I did get around to reading the book. WOW! I was convicted and quickly started phasing out grains at the end of March 2012.

    Since March I have lost about 10 pounds. I have about 5 more pounds to go, but weight loss was not my primary motivation. I wanted to improve my health. Within the first week of grain-free eating, my GERD symptoms completely vanished and have never returned. I had been treating it naturally for years, but that only palliated the symptoms when they arose quite severely several times a week.

    But the most astounding, I would even dare say miraculous, result of my grain-free eating has been the elimination of my year-round allergies. I have been suffering from allergies for the past 35+ years, almost my entire life. The symptoms would wax and wane throughout the year but were never totally gone, i.e., sneezing, itchy/watery eyes, congestion, itchy ears and throat, trouble sleeping, sinus pain and headaches. Just plain misery. In the last 10 years, I have been treating my allergies with only natural methods as well (homeopathy and herbs), which helped eliminate my constant colds and sinus infections and the severest of my allergy symptoms, but it did not eliminate them entirely. I did so well last summer with NO special treatments for my allergies, but I braced myself for hay fever/ragweed season in the late summer and fall. That was typically one of my worst times of year. NO allergy symptoms at all!! I am absolutely astounded!

    Then during the holidays we went to my brother’s house. He has a cat and every time I’ve been to his house I’ve reacted VERY strongly with sneezing, watery/itchy eyes, major sinus congestion, runny nose like a faucet, etc. This year… NOTHING. The FIRST time ever I’ve not had a reaction to a cat in someone’s house in many decades!

    If only I had back all the money spent in the last 35+ years on allergy testing, doctor visits, 15 years of allergy shots, trying every antihistamine known to man, decongestants, steroid shots and inhalers, antibiotics when symptom spilled over into many, many sinus infections, not to mention the absolute misery I was in during all those years.

    I have started a recipe folder of grain-free recipes that is now about 2 inches thick. I’m eating a more varied diet than ever in my life. I love cooking and trying new recipes. It has been a fantastic experience for me so far!

    Sorry this is so long, but grain-free eating has proved to be nothing but a miracle for my health problems!

  12. Linda Link says

    I began the Paleo lifestyle the week after Thanksgiving on the recommendation of my doctor. When I first started reading about it, I thought I could never do this!! I would have to give up too many of the foods I love, BUT…..I gave it a shot and I love it! I have lost 7 lbs, I feel better, and have much more energy than I did before. I bought a few of the cookbooks and spend every Sunday preparing my food for the week. I must say that it does take a lot of time and effort to eat healthy, but I feel that my time later on in life will benefit greatly by my efforts now. I even have my son and husband grimmacing at the word “high fructose corn syrup”. My husband even threw out all his Power Aide drinks :). I have learned so much about what I have been eating all these years, and what it has been doing to my body. I will continue this Paleo lifestyle and thank all of you and all the websites and newsletters for all of the great information I recieve every day. GO PALEO!!! :) :)

  13. Kelly Girl says

    I am new to the Paleo Lifestyle. It has been about a month, and the results have been amazing! Since I don’t have a scale, I don’t know how much weight I’ve lost; but I’ve gone down a pant size. People are noticing the changes and are asking me what I’m doing. The most amazing result and the most important, is that I have dropped my blood sugar levels by 80 points. The doctor diagnosed me with Type 2 Diabetes a couple of months ago, and wanted to immediately put me on medication. I pleaded with him to give me a few months to see what I could do on my own, and so my journey began. My intense desire to find a way to manage my new diagnosis without medication, fueled my tireless research; and that research resulted in the discovery of the Paleo Lifestyle. I’ll never look back, and I can’t wait to see how far this road will take me.

  14. Brittany says

    I have recently gotten into paleo as well, I have been dabbling since August 2012, but now I am more then ready to take it on and I am dragging the family with me! In the past 3 weeks I have lost 7 pounds, lost all stomach aches, slept better, had more energy, and there are so many more wonderful things happening!!! Thank you for all you and the team do for us out here, cannot wait to order your cook books when I get up the money too!! :)

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