Upcoming Everyday Paleo Workshops!!!

Attention Las Vegas, NV!!!!  Jason Seib, John Fragoso, and myself (Sarah) will be in Las Vegas, NV at Sin City CrossFit on January 18th, 2014 for our next Everyday Paleo Workshop!!! Click here for more details and to register today to reserve your spot. Space is limited so hurry up and come see us (or come to party and use us an excuse) in VEGAS!!!

Our next stop – Modesto, CA!! We are bringing our workshop back to my home state and right smack in the middle of it – easy access for both SoCal and NorCal peeps so take a road trip in February and hang out with the EP Team for a fun-filled, information packed, and dare I say life changing event… Click here for more details and to register.

That’s all for now, short sweet and to the point. More to come soon with a Holiday Gift Giving Guide post and in the meantime, don’t forget to start the planning and prep for your healthy holiday feast with some tasty recipes!!!



  1. Brenda says

    I hesitate to tell you this but am going to anyway. There is a problem with Crossfit where many gyms are a lot “full of themselves”. It is difficult for someone who is not already into fitness to join because they feel so intimidated or even quite unwelcome in many gyms. My daughter did a lot of research before picking a crossfit gym in Las Vegas when we lived there. (We no longer live there and I actually attended your Denver workshop.) My daughter found that Sin City Crossfit is one of those gyms who is “full of themselves” and anyone older or out of shape and at the bottom of the fitness ladder would not feel comfortable there. She joined a different gym that welcomed all fitness levels and ages which had a very family atmosphere. They cared and cheered everyone on no matter what the physical state. I am mostly pointing this out because you are associating yourself with them and because it is a problem in general when it comes to crossfit gyms and it is a shame. If you delete this comment I understand. But I wanted you to know. I didn’t see a way to e-mail you privately.

    • says

      Hi Brenda,
      I’m fine with you commenting here and I’m glad that you did! I’m not sure if you listen to our podcast or not but the reason that Jason and I started EPLifeFit.com is because of the numerious problems in the fitness industry. It’s impossible for us to screen the integrity and practices of each and every gym or organization who offers to host us for a workshop and we do agree that Crossfits in general have a lot of problems; and there are also a lot of really great ones. If this Crossfit is one that does have some issues; hopefully the message that Jason and I give at our workshop will help them. Being hosted by a gym in no way affiliates Everyday Paleo with that particular gym; the gym owners are simply offering their space to us as a venue and we appreciate that very much. Thank you so much for your message and for your concern and my hope, as always is that our positive message, and years of experience in the field of fitness and nutrition will be eye opening and helpful to those who decide to listen.


  2. says

    When you post your Christmas gift giving ideas, I personally would LOVE to also see alternative options of what Santa can stuff in our children’s stockings in place of candy. Looking forward to seeing your great ideas!

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