Update From Lisa: Emotional Changes, and a Collar Bone!

*Note from Sarah: Here’s an update from Lisa as she chronicles her paleo journey.  Click here to read Lisa’s first blog, in case you missed it before! Thank you Lisa for continuing to share your story with us. 

Emotional Changes…and a Collar Bone!!

Before I began this blog I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support. It was more than I ever imagined and to be honest was one of the big parts of keeping me focused and on track this far.

I am excited to report that I have been going through many changes both physical and emotional over the last few weeks. So many changes that it took me a lot of time, writing and rewriting this blog to figure out what I wanted to talk about first. I decided on our emotional connection with food, I figured that was a topic many of us can relate to.

Is it common to have mixed emotions when transitioning into the Paleo lifestyle?  I am pretty sure most of you are going to say yes, and I did expect some emotions to come up, just not in the way they did.

My first few weeks transitioning to a Paleo lifestyle has been both hell and heaven combined. I was surprised to see from many of your post a lot of you also switched from a vegan/vegetarian diet, so you know that that transition in itself was a massive adjustment. Then Sarah (in her loving way) informs me, no sugar….NO SUAGR!!! Are you crazy, do I stand tall and not so proud and say I am a sugar addict? No question, I am not one of those salad loving, carrot chomping girls by nature. I want the chocolate, the cookies, the carbs (in my case gluten free) but really, when you are shoving them in as fast as I could, who cared if they tasted like cardboard or heaven, a cookie was a cookie. And for the record I am not the, “Oh how lovely a chocolate, why thank you”, No, No, I am the give me the whole box and step away.

By the end of Day 1, ok day 2, 3 and probably 4, I wanted to quit. I was feeling very much out of my comfort zone and did not like that, here is part of a great quote Jason Seib on EPLifefit posted to me (Jason hope you don’t mind) “The good news is  you realize your comfort zone was not the best place for you”.

Processed foods where no longer an option, I had to plan and think about what I was putting in my body, it was very overwhelming and as silly as it sounds, scary. I thought I would starve and to be completely honest for a few days I did, not because of Paleo,  but because I froze in fear. I decided I would just starve and feel sorry for myself like I had a million times before. Needless to say that did not last very long, I realized with Sarah holding my hand I had the power to change myself. My body had been whispering to me and now the choice became mine, and I was willing to listen.

I had to relearn how to eat, relearn my way around the super market, the middle isles where no longer my friend…I had to learn how to hunt and gather!!

Thankfully I am connecting with the wonderful people on EPLifeFit, they keep me strong, direct me, answer my questions, cheer me on, and openly share their stories, and they are not going to let me fail.

I began to think, others had done this Paleo thing, had success, and where feeling better so why not me. The facts and science where there, read Sarah’s book Everyday Paleo, check out the awesome testimonies on EPLifeFit or read anything written by Robb Wolf, or Dr.Loren Cordain.

I quickly realized, I like many of us eat like a robot, we have our go to foods, usually comfort foods, don’t think much about them, just buy, unwrap, heat and eat. They are lacking in nutrition, they are quick, easy and full of chemicals and fillers. My question quickly became what are we as humans really feeding? Not our body that is for sure, we are eating for all the wrong reason.

Following the Paleo lifestyle, I continue to discover what foods bother me personally and are setting off my thyroid. That’s one of the great pros of Paleo, it is a personal plan not a one size fits all… (Did you know eggs bother autoimmune issues)

As the weeks continue and I finally feel more in control of what is right and wrong for me and my health, and yet something odd is happening. I am missing the old me, the sugar binges, the feeling crappy, it defined me, it was comfortable, I knew my place, my go to foods.. Now those go to foods make me ill, bloated and nauseous (as they always did, now it is just really obvious), not that I crave them now physically (emotional cravings are a whole other story) , but I want to, I want that comfort in the form that I knew it.

When I find myself pacing the floor, going to the kitchen looking for old faithful, this little annoying question pops up. What do I really want? What am I really searching for? What am I really trying to feed?

We all know change is uncomfortable, even good change, but who knew bettering yourself and your health, could make you so uncomfortable

I continue to look forward to more changes that are to come, and am slowly realizing it is more my mind and its thoughts that I need to change. I am happy to report I no longer physically crave sugar or carb-y (is that a word!!) foods. But my brain has not yet caught up. Every day, every single day it is still telling me to go to the store buy the junk food and EAT IT!!!  Our brains are very powerful tools that like routine and my routine for many years has been JUNK.

WAIT!!! Is that a collar bone I see!!! YES!!

I wish you all much joy and happiness – untill next time, here is a quick recipe that I have been using for a quick and easy meal!

Paleo Lettuce Wraps

2 packs Canadian Bacon
8 Romaine lettuce leafs (you can also use boston, or iceberg)
Sweet onion
Mustard (Paleo)
1 whole avocado

In one pan cook up bacon ( I steamed mine in pan with water) and chop and fry onion (again I steamed mine in pan with water, once transparent I added a touch of EVOO and quickly tossed around)
slice avocado length wise
chop tomato into small pieces
wash and dry lettuce leafs

Take lettuce leaf fill with 2 slices bacon, top with avocado, tomato and fried onion and touch of mustard to tastes…ENJOY
Serves 4


  1. marianne says

    thank you or sharing. I’ve been whole30/paleo for a while. but struggle w.one item I eat alot of. your sentence: we have our go to foods, usually comfort foods, don’t think much about them, just buy, unwrap, heat and eat. Really struck me!!! (I had to walk away from computer for a minute and really let that sink in). Mines, Harvest Pumkin seeds I eat 2 -3 pks (at a time) I open them pop in toaster oven and enjoy warm mindless snack.. I realize I get them for comfort. Yah it’s just seeds n salt. But…..
    My goal this year is to be best optimal energy. So thank you for helping realize “why” I was eating them. You are inspiring. Love to hear about your journey.. Keep sharing. Marianne

  2. Alan Yates says

    You are doing great, the mind set will deminish and dis appear. I seem to have sent two comments. Never mind all sent from the heart.

  3. says

    Kudos to you on your progress! I, too, have been discovering which foods work for me and which don’t. I’m currently doing The Whole 30. I had already discovered that wheat and I aren’t friends. And great meal idea! Simple and tasty. Will definitely try it.

  4. Stacy W. says

    Thank you for the post! That is EXACTLY how I feel. I am still trying to push through the emotion behind all of this too. I just joined EPLifeFit and I am so excited to have other people like you understand my issues and be able to bounce ideas off of them. My family is still in the “I think you are crazy to give up grains” stage. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there. And….I can’t wait to try the lettuce wraps. :)

    • Lisa says

      Stacy, hold true to what feels right for you. I know it is hard when you feel like an outsider where food is concerned, beleive me I have been there. Joining EPLifefit will really help that feeling go away…great choice

  5. says

    Good work Lisa! Any change is hard in the beginning, the important part is to stick with it. It took me months to feel like my new diet was my new normal. Glad to see it’s going so well for you.

  6. Julie S. says

    WOW… I could have written that. That’s exactly how I’m feeilng and what I’m going through… thank you for articulating what I found so difficult to do.

    • Lisa says

      Julie, you are welcome. If you have any question please feel free to ask me I would love to help you anyway I can. The emotional aspect of it all can be harder than giving up any cookie!!!

  7. says

    I in fact did NOT know that eggs bother autoimmune issues. I have always had a weird relationship with eggs. When I was a kid I hated them, and as an adult I had to force myself to like them (because they were the only quality protein available at breakfast at the dining hall of a dorm I stayed at for a semester). But I have had weird issues with them ever since. Somedays I can eat a hardboiled egg or even a big omelet and I’m fine, while other days just a little bit of egg can give me a headache and make me feel crappy.

    Do you have any more information about a connection between eggs and autoimmune issues? that might help me study and understand my own reactions better.

    • Lisa says

      Hi there, I plan to do a whole post very soon on just this subject.
      Until then I will search more info you and keep you posted.

  8. Tabitha H says

    Thank you for sharing your journey! Retraining your mind is one of the hardest parts! Good luck and I look forward to hearing how it goes. By the way, your comment about your collar bone was hilarious and I can totally relate to that! :)

      • Janet says

        You go girl! Been grain free then paleo since sometime in December. I didn’t keep track because I was unaware that I would experience such good changes so fast! After holidays, got serious and I noticed I have a waist again and can feel some ribs–and they ain’t the ribs of the chicken I pulled apart for soup last night!

  9. says

    Thanks for sharing such a great story. I have been eating Paleo for a couple years, and depending on my situation, it’s still easy to revert to old habits. I have a family of 4 kids and my husband and I am the only Paleo eater in the house. It takes perseverance and constant reminders that I feel this great because I am eating this way. When I do slip up, I feel it, and that is sometimes all the reminder I need. My family thinks I’m nuts, but stay with it long enough and you’ll realize that it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks, as long as you feel great!

    • Dana Post says

      Hang in there, Brave Mom! My family thought I was nuts for several months, too, until they saw me shrinking and smiling more… Pretty soon Daddy jumped on board (literally because of my results!) and now they’re all on board. It was a journey through the whole year of 2011 but now… there’s no turning back! My kids feel the difference, too, and are so much more aware of their own bodies. You can do it! The results speak louder than anything. We are here for you!

  10. Sheila says

    After being Paleo since starting on Halloween ’11, I fell off the wagon hard this weekend. I had been doing/feeling soooooo good and decided I could have some sugar…what a steep and slippery slope I slid down. Totally became emotional, didn’t really even want it or enjoyed it and I paid the price. After binging this weekend on gluten free cookies and chocolate covered almonds and pistachios I have had the worst food hangover for the last two days. Didn’t even want to work out because I felt so lousy. Back on seriously today and it’s like doing detox. I am a sugar addict. Even a little is too much. I lost control and I learned from it. Today is day 1 and the fog is starting to lift :)

    There is always the next meal…

  11. Lisa says

    Sheila, I am so proud of you….anyone that says sugar is not addictive is well, lets just say they have their facts wrong…..In my opinion sugar is just as addictive as any other substance. One day, no one meal at a time, that is all us sugar addicts can do….

  12. Stacie says

    Thanks for your posts! I have stopped and started Paleo at least ten times since October. I am doing great for a few days then BAM! I find myself without the makings for a meal available and because of stress/2 children I RUN into the arms of fast food or my favorite Mexican restaurant. I have always and I repeat always struggled with binge eating. It is as much a part of me as my arms and legs. I honestly don’t know how to give it up. I am 100% a health NUT when it comes to my children. But when it comes to me…. If I am being honest, I don’t care so much. ?? I know that sounds crazy, right?
    I am hoping one day I can really go Paleo. I want it. But then again, I don’t?

    • Dana Post says

      Oh Stacie, there is compassion for you, lady. I think we’ve all been there at some point. Please read this post, if you haven’t already http://everydaypaleo.com/2011/08/05/you-cant-fix-a-body-you-hate/

      Hope it helps!
      And a couple practical notes: I LOVE Mexican food too: so now I eat it at home (less oil) or even at a restaurant: Carne Asada, big side salad, shrimp/prawns. I just stress steaming/as little oil as possible to the server. But yes, those places can be WAY too tempting! Sometimes its hard to say no beans/rice/chips

      As far as fast food, I love burgers too – I invest the time to pre-make patties at home (when I can afford and stock up) that way its quick and easy for me or my kids to have a double bacon burger with avocado or mushrooms or… Mmmmm nice and quick at home!

      Best of luck! You can do it!

    • Lisa says

      Hey Stacie, Be kind on yourself when you are ready it will come. I know, I have and in many way still am in that place. Most likely what is holding you back is not so much about food but about other things in your life. As I have said in my opinion most food issues are never about the food…Sending you big hugs

  13. says

    hi there I’m enjoying reading your blog and just started one of my own ( this is my first ever) I just added you site as a link. My goal is to see how many people one person can help. i started paleo back in May and did a 30 day challenge , now after the holidays are gone I’m going fo it again. Hope you check out my site . thanks

    • Lisa says

      Totally will Gretchen thank you so much. PM me with your site.
      and I agree that is my hope too, if I can just let one person know they are not alone in this and that if they stumble and fall they are still OK. Then I am doing something good in life.

  14. says

    My husband and I started on the paleo journey very recently. I’m so pumped about it cause I’m not starving! I eat until I’m full and have never gone over about 1500 calories a day! It feels like the answer to all my diet questions!
    The only thing I know I have to give up but haven’t is my coffee creamer. Still kind of looking for strength on that one…

  15. Karen says

    I don’t know if I am doing Paleo exactly, but have given up dairy and wheat with remarkable results. Also sugar as it all happened because my 19 yr,old grandson was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and we all did it to help him. The weight dropped away. It was shockingly easy for me. I feel so much better. My acid reflux is gone as well as gas and bloating. Worth a try.

  16. Janet says

    Thanks for your stories! I am new to the Everyday Paleo website so forgive my late comments! I love this story because I have “gluten intolerance” (I was tested, and they told me it wasn’t celiac, but intolerance, but WTF is the difference?!?), lactose intolerance, and allergy to legumes. All these years I just kept eating the very things that made me sick because the thought of changing my diet and gasp, taking out my carbs scared me more than having the poops constantly, headaches, stomach aches, crabbiness, etc.! I started at crossfit and discovered Paleo. Something about it just made sense. I started one week later. I cried everyday because I felt like all I was doing was cooking. It sucked. I was also detoxing, but somehow as I felt like crap (I cut out caffeine too) without my morning coffee, my afternoon sweets run, etc., I mysteriously started to feel good at the same time. My stomach deflated. I haven’t been perfect, and I ate Christmas cookies, etc., but I feel fantastic after a month and a half. Keep up your good work, you’re doing fantastically! Congrats! The hardest part is starting! I look forward to reading about your progress.

    • Lisa says

      Hey Janet I am so glad you found us….I laugh as I read your post cause it’s so true, in the beginning you do feel both good and like crap all at the same time, but then something connects. As for gluten intolerance vs celiac I have a post coming that touches on that, the difference is, you can have a gluten intolerance and not have celiac, but you cannot have celiac without a gluten intolerance. Chat soon

  17. Monique says

    Your story sounds like mine. I’ve seen over 13 docs over the past 5 years and they can’t agree on what’s wrong with me. I was told I had Adrenal Fatigue, POTS, Carcinoid, PCOS, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and I have a cyst in the middle of my thyroid but was told my thyroid is normal. I’ve gotten fatter and fatter. I’ve been looking at Paleo and I am going to give it try. Thank you for sharing your story.

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