Yes, It’s Worth It!

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Yes, It’s Worth It!

Here’s another success story to remind you that what your doing is worthwhile.  When you see the transformation below, many of you will think, “Wow!  I wish I had results like that.”  Stop wishing.  There is no magic here.  This is just another story of someone who wanted these results more than she was willing to suffer the alternatives.

Meet Angela.

Angela has 2 girls, one 4  and one 8 months.  Since all the way back in high school she dieted by restricting calories, sometimes by denying herself whole meals.  She told me, “There was a period of time in high school when I was anorexic. I was never successful at dieting for very long because I was always hungry and miserable, and I inevitably ended up gaining the weight back plus a couple extra pounds. It was very disheartening and I have carried a lot of guilt throughout my life due to my repeated failures.”  Well, short story shorter, here she is today.

These results happened in approximately 10 weeks.  You can read her whole testimonial on my gym’s web site here.  No magic.  No tricks or gimmicks.  Just good old fashioned dedication applied to human nutrition and sensible exercise.

Alright, let me get to the point that I’d like to make today.  Let’s pretend that a curse was cast on Angela and she was magically returned to her “before” picture state in the blink of an eye.  And let’s also pretend that the same curse would limit her future success such that it would take her exactly 5 years of paleo and exercise to return to her pre-curse fit body, even though it only took her 10 weeks last time.  Do you know what her response would be, after a little disappointment, of course?  I am absolutely positive she would say something like, “Can I get started today?”

Why should her reaction this time be different from all the other times she lost and gained weight?  Because now she knows what it’s suppose to feel like.  She is actually healthy and fit and she knows, without anyone pointing it out, that she can keep this body forever.  Tricks and gimmicks don’t feel like that.

Just some more food for thought.  Go forth and be awesome.

For all the nutrition and fitness support you could possibly ever need, visit Jason and Sarah over at Everyday Paleo Lifesytle and Fitness.


  1. says

    What I would like to know is how to get started on a program? I am looking to get healthy, lose body fat. I have about 30 min a day to dedicate to excerise. Would love to see a start to finish program such as what to eat every single day for 10 weeks or such. Do you already have that available? Love this story you have shared however she did not tell us anything about what she ate day in and day out. That is where most of us struggle is not seeing the ups and the downs of gettig healthy just the ups :( Thanks

    • says

      Check out the website to see if there are any 8 Weeks to Wellness centers in your area. This is a great program that gets you started living a healthy, well balanced life. I completed this program and then moved on to Paleo. I personally eat Paleo and go to Crossfit, and the pounds are literally falling off.

      Good luck!

    • Julia says

      Check out It is only $20 per month and it has a jump start 21 day eating plan and shows you exactly what to do as far as excerise. I just signed up and am just doing the first beginner module. It takes me about 20 minutes.

    • Tara says

      In the Everyday Paleo cookbook it gives you a menu for a month and also what to buy at the store. That helped me get through January… you might look into it. Also check out a Cross Fit gym – most of the workouts aren’t more than 30 minutes… I’m close to 300 lbs so if I can do it, you can do too :)

      • says

        I am down 100 lbs, and I go to Food Addicts in Recovery. We do no flour and no sugar. My sweet friend sent me to this site as I think I also have reactions to dairy. It sounds amazing. Tara, you can lose the weight, I really feel that cutting out those items is the key. A daily, and sometimes hourly commitment is needed. I do natural body wraps too, check out my site if you like. They feel great, and I am worth it. Cheers!

    • Jason says

      Read anything on Paleo/Primal and you will quickly have your guidance you want. The hard part will be committing to a lifestyle change that makes you avoid “food” most typically eat. This will be pretty evident after reading a few blogs or listening to some podcasts. You need to understand the why of these things and not just the do this for 10 weeks and you will be better. If you don’t understand the why and commit to it, than you will be right back where you started. Paleo/Primal is not a weight loss program, it is a committed lifestyle to eating good foods and not eating the bad foods.

      • Katie says

        I totally eat Paleo/Primal and I also eat a lot of raw veggies. My starting weight/size is 133 and I’m a size 4. I want to go from that to a toned body and maybe somewhere around 120-125. I feel like I know what to do from an eating perspective but not entirely sure what to do in the next 10 weeks to really make the biggest dent in fitness…..any ideas?

    • JasonS says

      Angela works out in my gym, which uses the same programming as EPLifeFit. She works out 3 days per week for less than an hour per day.

    • Jaime says

      You NEED to join EPLifefit. If you want a structured workout program that is easy to follow, makes sense, and keeps you in the gym the least amount of time, this is the place for you. Plus you get the support of the forums where people have great food logs to track progress and you have the ability to see what people are eating day in and day out, which gives you some great ideas!

    • Angela Borland says

      Hi Sonya! I’m happy to chat with you more about my personal journey (you can find me on or facebook). It sounds like is exactly what you’re looking for. You’ll find a wealth of resources there to get you started and to keep you motivated. It’s a great website if fitness and improved health are your goals.

  2. jan hallquist-thompson says

    I am just getting started at 62 and short of breath, gluten intollerant, grain sensitive so this testimony gives me hope! Thank you!

    • Janet says

      Hi, I am 63 and been Paleo/primal since January 1. I first read Wheat Belly in November and learned about the frankenfood (wheat) that is in everything and it’s dangers to frankly, most of mankind. I was on a no white flour/sugar before that and when I read Wheat Belly around Thanksgiving, it really opened my eyes. Then, on the Wheat Belly Blog advice, I took a look at the Mark’s Daily Apple Paleo site and others and went from there. Did ok in December, and lost some weight. Then, I dropped the sprouted wheat bread I ate every day, since it didn’t have flour in it so thought I was safe. What a difference! I then began to drop weight in places that matter and I have a nice waistline again. Dropped from a size 12 jeans to 6/8 just since January. BUT, the weight loss is just a nice side effect. The BEST thing is once I dropped the sprouted wheat bread–the last wheat I had in my diet–since January, then, and only then did all of my aches and pains go away. My back, my hands, my knees and legs are pain free–FGS–even my teeth don’t hurt anymore. My sinuses have cleared up. I was feeling wobbly and weak in leg muscles and was tripping over things. I was kind of scared about that. I felt OLD and TIRED and UGLY. But, hey, I’m 63 right? Supposed to feel that way? I love the Paleo/Primal eating. I have excellent food that I have been missing–good fats and meat and veggies with real butter. I am cooking again and I hope to reach my husband (on statins after a stroke and heart attack) through the excellent meat I cook now. So far it’s working! I remembered I always felt better when I was eating more protein and when I went to brunches–I loaded up on the bacon and eggs and meat. Not the salads and deserts! This is a committment I will make for the rest of my life. I feel too damn good and look too damn good now to give it up. I have 1 child and I don’t want her to visit me in a nursing home like I had to visit my mom in. The diet Mom was fed is enough incentive to keep this going. Ha. It got easier as a few weeks went on and I got familiar with the elements for good health. (I have Everyday Paleo cookbook and almost everything in it is doable and delicious). I have tried Intermittant Fasting and doing sprints once a week now plus resistance training. I may send my pics and story in sometime! YOU CAN DO THIS and results will come to you quite quickly. Stay strong: You are if you are here.

      • Vicki says

        Wow, Janet, definitely you should document your inspiring journey! I’ve been eating clean for more than 2 years, emphasis on veggies/fruits/nuts, but light on chicken, very little meat. Currently transitioning to Paleo; hubby and I have start date in a couple of weeks.
        Been doing CrossFit for a few months, and tho’ I love getting stronger, been discouraged that I’m not losing weight. Figured b/c of being menopausal, I’m 56. But reading stories like yours gives me hope that Paleo will make a difference! Thanks!

    • Jaime says

      My mom will be 63 this fall and has been eating Paleo for at least 6 months, exercising reasonably (3 days a week, low intensity, some weights) and had all those same issues, including arthritis too. She is feeling amazing and feels 10 years yonger. I have not seen her with this much spunk in a long time and I will tell you her grandkids are reaping the reward!! Just go for it, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    • Angela Borland says

      Hi Jan, I’m glad my story was able to give you some extra motivation. You’re on the right track. Stick with it and you’ll never regret it!

  3. says

    I am a testament to this new way of life. I started this year, January 5th to makeover my entire family. I am the mother of five. FOUR BOYS who all have mouths. They have not complained once over the new menu mom has provided. They still eat a lot, but of everything good for them. As for me. 20 pounds later, as of today. Feb.23rd.

    My life is active by virtue of my family, but really excited to start exercising on a regular basis. I used to love running on the treadmill, long walks, and playing tennis with my husband. All went wayward with middle age pregnancies and huge amounts of weight gain. Getting just 20 pounds off without trying as me excited, feeling energized and able to now hop on that treadmill.

    You can not look at this as a “diet”. It’s a lifestyle. One in which you change up and out everything in your frig. your cupboards, your life. It is also amazingly helpful to develop a community of like-minded friends. That be my 2 cents.

  4. Tara says

    Just wanted to also chime in – DO PALEO! I weighed close to 300 lbs and started CrossFit in October – much difference in my strength and endurance but no weight change. They’ve talked me into giving Paleo a try this year and I’m already down 19 lbs and SO encouraged to keep it up. I’m only weighing once a month so I’ll know next week if I’ve lost more but I feel way better. It’s worth it. Some days are really hard to stick to (Valentines candy anyone?) but most days are now easier and I’m so glad I’m doing this. And I LOVE Everyday Paleo – it’s helped me a lot.

  5. Tyler says

    (“Here’s another success story to remind you that what your doing is worthwhile.”
    Should be “you’re”. #corrections)

    Awesome post.

  6. Kim says

    This is me, on the 4th November 2011 I weighed 12st12lbs, today on the 23rd Feb 2012 I weigh 11 st flat! This is just with two whole30 , NOT LOW CARB, lots of fat and an active lifestyle, no particular excercise. I wonder what I could look like with some proper excercise…if you want pictures i can send you some :)

  7. John says

    Great post! Very inspiring and motivating, it’s so worth it to eat paleo and exercise in a responsible manner. Jason you’re a great source of info and I appreciate your contributions to this great site.

    • Angela Borland says

      I will never ever EVER go back. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and was miserable everyday because of it. The paleo lifestyle is now just simply my lifestyle and it will be forever. Thank you for the compliment! :)

  8. Ryn says

    While I think it’s great to emphasize the quick results, when transforming your lifestyle, you have to take into consideration your own personal body. I’ve always worked out-but eating healthy not so much. My body didn’t suddenly lose inches-it took time. Since adding paleo to my eclectic WODS, yoga, running etc. I’ve lost 22lbs in 5 months-this is less than 5lbs a month. It has NOT been a quick transformation-but a transformation nonetheless. I try not to compare my weight loss to others-and simply know I’m being healthy :)

    • JasonS says

      It could be the cardio that’s holding you back. Angela, like all our fat loss clients, doesn’t do anything that resembles traditional cardio. She hasn’t ran more than 400 meters since she started this journey. It’s all about cortisol management and keeping the thyroid healthy. Midsection fat tends to hang on for dear life under the stress of cardio.

  9. says

    Weight is an issue, but health will bring the results you need. A paleo or paleo type diet is just going back to basics. This is the way to long term health and is proven to slash elevated glucose levels. The remarkable reversal of both health and weight issues is due to this fact.

  10. Deedee says

    I am now doing paleo. My husband is not very supportive. Since eliminating sugar, starch, wheat, grain and my beloved oat meal and groats my Crohn’s is in remission. I do have other health issues too numerous to list including both knees and one hip replaced so I am currently not doing any exercise. I am not able to walk more than a block but if I go a bit farther each day I am hoping to increase my stamina. Are there any exercise programs suited for physically challenged folks over 60?


    • Vicki says

      DeeDee, keep your eyes/ears open, and actively look for an exercise program that resonates with you. Since you have physical challenges, I suggest you start slow, and try to find “fun” activities. Consider a pool program; your community might have a theraputic pool program for older adults. I started bellydance when I wanted to become more physical, and I LOVE it! Helped me become more flexible, made my core stronger, and more important, made me feel I could face other physical work. (I’d ALWAYS hated physical activity until I started bellydance.)

      In addition to other workouts, I’m now doing CrossFit, and LOVE it!!! CrossFit really *can* be “scaled” toward anyone’s abilities, and the folks at my “box” are amazingly supportive. I was extremely intimidated — being an overweight, middleaged frump in non-cool shorts/shirts/shoes — figured everyone would laugh at me. Not only did that NOT happen, but it’s been one of the best experiences of my life! I took a month off around the holidays to “save money,” and couldn’t wait to go back, no matter the price. Good luck!

  11. RJ says

    Jason – wow! What an inspirational post. Quick question on an earlier you comment you made: what is “traditional cardio”? I do CrossFit, but I also rock climb and take Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes. I do all three because I really love those sports. Am I crossing any cardio lines?

    • says

      “Traditional Cardio” refers to running, and all of its machine derivatives, and any sustained effort activity designed to “burn” calories. If you are a crossfitter looking for results like Angela’s, your metcons should be short (always less than 15 minutes and usually less than 10) and your focus should be lifting big weights. As fun as crossfit can be, it isn’t always the best program for improving health, which is everything we preach around here.

      • Caroline says

        I don’t have a car, and i bike and walk and bus everywhere – is about 30 miles on my bike in a week too much? I generally go about 10 mph and the longest i usually go at once is 30-45 minutes.

  12. TraceyS says

    Eating Paleo absolutely works!! I started doing Crossfit in Oct 2011 because I needed a change from my boring gym routine with little to no results. I should point out that, this was a challenge and I work ay my own pace and with a lot of modifications. I discussed with my Crossfit coach that I was considering giving up processed foods for New Years and he suggested I do the 30 day Paleo Challenge.. You can do anything for 30 days right??? Well, I lost 8 lbs the first week- just the motivation I needed to stick to it. I had my body fat & measurements taken the day before I started and on day 26 I’d lost 13 lbs & 6.5% body fat along with several inches mainly from my abdomen. After 4 weeks, my husband had his blood work down- he has it done twice a year bc he has high bp, high bad hdl and low good hdl and is borderline diabetic… Well NOT anymore!!!!! Blood pressure – normal.. Bad hdl WAY down, good hdl up…. Blood sugars normal!!!!!!
    We are in our 8th week and I’m at -20 lbs and he is at -16!!! Doctor said whatever u r doing— keep doing it!!!

  13. Patty says

    I hope this can be my story soon. I’m 45, 5’6″ and 175 lbs, have a hypo thyroid and severe arthritis in my knee. I get very board at the gym and spinning wasn’t enough. About 7 weeks ago, I started Crossfit and I LOVE IT. I can feel and see a difference and I want MORE. I’m on a mission now and need to lose weight (yep, I still weigh the same as when I started). I’ve been hearing all about Paleo, but just have let it go in one ear and out the other. I decided to try a protein shake diet instead…8 weeks later, no weight loss.

    Okay, now, I have 7 weeks until my husband and I go to Costa Rica for a company trip and I really need to look and feel better. I’m online trying to learn as much as possible about Paleo, so I can take the plunge. I’ve cleaned out the pantry and have been googling for recipes, but I”m a VERY picky eater. I don’t like fish and many veggies. I’m feeling a little lost and really need some help here. Any advise on how to start?


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